What's Inspected

AAlert Home Inspection, your Grayslake Home Inspector, inspects the visable portions of the following systems and components:

  • Grayslake Home Inspector, AAlert Homeinspection reviewing chimney & spark arrestorRoofing--Material, Flashing, valleys, soffit & facia, gutters & down spouts,  AAlert Home Inspection, your Grayslake Home Inspector, reviews roof edge  & gutter
  • Structure--foundation, exposed framing, stairs, chimneys
  • Exterior--Siding, windows, doors, walk ways, drive ways, garage
  • Plumbing--Gas & water service entrances, piping, drain & vents, water heater, bath & kitchen fixtures
  • Electrical--Service entrance, Main panel, distribution, switches & outlets
  • Heating & Cooling--
  • Interiors-- Ceiling, walls, floors, doors, windows, fireplaces,AAlert Home Inspection, Your Grayslake Home Inspector, checking duct in crawl space insulation, ventilation

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    • Free 90 Day Home Warranty 
    • Appliance Recall Chek

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