AAlert Home Inspection Pricing

How much will your AAlert Home Inspection cost?

Every home is different making every home inspection different.  At AAlert Home Inspection, your Grayslake Home Inspector will spend time asking questions about what kind of property you are buying.   We need to know the following and more:

Property type:   Ranch  Split Level   2 Story   Twnhs   Condo
Basement:  yes   no     crawl space    slab
Garage: none  1car  2car  3car   attached to house   yes   no
Fireplace:  none   1   2          
and more.

After all the questions have been answered, AAlert Home Inspection will email you a price quote for your home inspection.  Each AAlert Home Inspection quote includes AAlert Home Inspection's Buyer Protection Program in their home inspection quote:

  • Free Appliance 'Recall Chek'-finds recalled appliances for repair in home
  • Free 90 Day Home Warranty-covers items that may not work after inspection
  • Free Local Environmental Report-shows known local toxic spills, drug labs
  • Free Home Preservation Guide-home maintance manual
  • Free Phone Consultation while in home
  • Computer Generated Report with Summary Page
  • E-Mailed SUMMARY Report W/ photos
  • CD of Report Mailed

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